Why become a Certified Board Advisor?

The Center for Strategic Business Integrity is the only certification organization dedicated to professionalizing Corporate Directorship as well as the critical role of Trusted Advisor to the Board. The Certified Board Advisor (CBA) designation is a powerful statement that the holder clearly demonstrates competent strategic decision making, corporate oversight and crisis management skills.

The Center’s ultimate mission is to see a CBA on every for-profit corporate, not-for-profit and governmental supervisory committee in the United States. To accomplish this vital mission, the CBA is purposely designed as a powerful, professional tool, projecting a strong image of Directorship and Board Advisor competency. The CBA is the only professional designation designed to assist the holder in either obtaining a Board seat or a role as a Trusted Advisor to the Board as well as improving the position of current Directors and Advisors.

The CBA, driven by a rational set of Directorship Principles, is recognized as a badge of professional accomplishment. We believe that one of the most important lines of defense against executive decision making negligence and/or corporate corruption is the principled, professional and competent oversight provided by the Board of Directors.

We invite you to join our effort to improve corporate decision making and prevent corporate negligence and corruption. We are working to bring together like-minded professionals who share common principles of business integrity and a vision for a better future. If you have the right combination of education, experience and accomplishments, you will be eligible for consideration as a Certified Board Advisor under our rigorous Grandfathering program.

Thanks and Regards,


John L. Verna

Executive Director