“Corporate Boards are nothing more or less than an ornament on the corporate Christmas tree.”

Miles Mace PhD.

Harvard University Business School

The mission of the Center for Strategic Business Integrity’s Certified Board Advisor Program

Our mission is first and foremost to professionalize the role of Corporate Directorship by insuring and projecting the decision making and oversight competency of individual Directors and their Trusted Advisors.

If only one member of a Corporate Board or a Governmental Supervisory Committee meet our standards for skills and conduct as a CBA; we will make a major positive impact on business in America.

Our mission is to ensure that the key Board players possess the competency, integrity, and leadership skills that are paramount to drive robust Directorship and help shape a thriving enterprise.


Competent strategic decision-making, integrity and leadership are the foundation of the Free Market System.

Today, as the global business environment becomes increasingly complex, CSBI believes there is a need for a material shift in the acumen and savvy of Corporate Directors and their Trusted Advisors.

The leaders of CSBI believe the best defense against poor decision making, corporate negligence and abuse of power is an proactive, Board of Directors. Having the unique responsibility of mitigating the loss of shareholder value while preventing economic damage to a corporation and the stakeholders, a Certified Board AdvisorTM can provide sound economic guidance and strategic integrity.

To pursue this mission, CSBI was created as:

  • A center for preparing and certifying (the Certified Board Advisor™)  board members and key advisors for their critical role.
  • A center for training and education.
  • A center for research: developing insight into the successes and failures of corporate oversight.
  • A center for strategy development: formulating principles and supporting tools for more effective corporate oversight.
  • A center for advocacy: promoting effective corporate oversight.


To become a Certified Board Advisor today, click here.

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