Continuing Professional Education Requirements

A Certified Board Advisor™ must complete a minimum of eight CPE credit hours each year.  This education can include any number of hours from:

  • Accredited Colleges or Universities
  • Courses approved by any State Board of Accountancy or the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA)
  • Approved Continuing Legal Education (CLE)
  • Other courses submitted by the attendee with approval of CSBI

Credit will be granted, without limit, to instructors, authors, and/or course attendees.

CPE subject matter should fall within the categories listed in CSBI’s Compendium of Core Knowledge.


Maintaining CPE Records / CPE Audit

CBAs are responsible for keeping track of their CPE and retaining for three years supporting documents for CPE credit they earn, such as CPE certificates, letters of attendance or letters of completion. The CSBI does not maintain CPE records for members.

CPE records should not be sent to the CSBI unless specifically requested.
CPE Audit

A random number of CBAs are selected for audit each year by the CSBI.

When selected for an audit of CPE records, CBA’s will have 60 days to provide to CSBI with CPE documentation for the requested compliance year.

Any member who is unable to demonstrate CPE compliance, or who is found to have made a false certification, may be subject to disciplinary action, including expulsion from the CSBI.

Please review our Policy for Issuing CPE credits: CSBI HALL CONSULTING NASBA Policy Content


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