Center membership is open to all individuals from all professions, industries, government agencies as well as levels of experience who are interested and committed to actively working towards the professionalization of the corporate board and the improvement of the critical role of executive and corporate oversight.

There are 2 ways to join in supporting the Center:

  • As a non-certified General Member
  • As a Certified Board Advisor (CBA)

As a non-certified Member of the Center for Strategic Business Integrity, you will be able to participate and contribute to the Center’s vital mission without having to become certified.  Members are encouraged to contribute research, articles, assist in advocacy work and make recommendations to improve the Center and its mission.

The Certified Board Advisor (CBA) is a senior level professional designation designed for the accomplished professional with demonstrated educational and career accomplishments. The CBA can currently be obtained by qualified candidates via the Center’s Grandfathering Program.  The future CBA exam is under development.

All members of the Center, both General and Certified will be able to:

  • Work towards improving corporate governance as part of an organized advocacy group.
  • Contribute and receive all CSBI research and educational material, including the CSBI BoardWatch Newsletter.
  • Contribute case studies and analysis of board crisis for research and possible publication by CSBI.
  • Express ideas and suggestions to improve and direct the CSBI’s mission.

The mission of the Center is vital to the integrity of our Nation’s economic system.  Membership means taking direct, personal responsibility for promoting the Center’s mission to equip individual board members and their key advisors with tools to make competent strategic decisions as well as to deter, detect, respond and effectively resolve possible incidents of material corporate irregularities, corruption and negligence before the damage is done.

Benefits of Being a CBA

  • Significant career enhancement and opening of new professional business development opportunities using the CBA as a promotional tool.
  • Access to practical governance strategies and guidelines thru the CSBI BoardWatch Newsletter.
  • Significant networking opportunities thru the Book of Certified Board Advisors which is distributed to a number of the nation’s most important private equity, venture capital, turn-around/bankruptcy, law, consulting and accounting firms.
  • Access to Board Advisory Services

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